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Make an African Tennis Champion!

MATCH DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION focuses on children and youth whose potential would otherwise go unrealised due to challenging backgrounds. Founded by Anthula Markovitz in 2014, the inspiration behind the name MATCH was motivated by her desire to ”Make an African Tennis CHampion!. In conjunction with the Anthony Harris Tennis Academy, MATCH provides opportunities for talented players to achieve excellence on an International level. In parallel, it supports their educational growth – ensuring that they are prepared academically to take up tennis scholarships from top universities and colleges worldwide.


… providing wonderful opportunities for talented young tennis players!

Since the start of its partnership with the Anthony Harris Tennis Academy – MATCH has been the driving force behind the professional development of South African player Lloyd Harris who made his debut at Wimbledon in June 2019 and is now competing against the best players in the world.

Anthony Harris Tennis Academy

MATCH candidates are trained and mentored alongside fee-paying players enrolled at the Anthony Harris Tennis Academy. This deliberate approach to fair and equitable participation has proven highly effective in promoting understanding, cooperation and respect between players from different economic and ethnic backgrounds.

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Anthony Harris

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Lance Pierre Du Toit

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