High Performance Program

High Performance Program

Talented young players from the age of 7+ are identified by MATCH and referred to the Anthony Harris Tennis Academy for an interview and skills evaluation before being enrolled in the High Performance Development Program.

The Anthony Harris Tennis Academy focuses solely on producing future tennis champions. Its facilities boast 3 hard courts and a clay court – an essential part of training for international events – as well as a fully equipped fitness center. The High Performance Development Program is a full day intensive training program that includes tennis, fitness training, psychological skills development, nutritional management, competition and player management. All players have personalised programs that incorporate the latest techniques and technology.

The dedicated team at the Academy include:

Anthony Harris

Founder and Head Coach

Eitan Adams

Professional Tennis Coach

Peter-Jon Nomdo

Professional Tennis Coach

Mohamed Omar

Professional Tennis Coach and Fitness Assistant

Fayaadh Dhansay

Biokineticist, Strength and Conditioning, Rehabilitation