Academic Learning Program

The Academic Learning Program supports the educational growth of our talented players – ensuring that they are prepared academically to take up tennis scholarships offered by top universities worldwide. It is structured to allow players the flexibility to combine academic learning with the training and travel demands needed to “make a tennis champion”.

The program is coordinated by highly qualified educators who facilitate 2-3 hours of tutoring at the Anthony Harris Tennis Academy each day, and provide additional support with guided assignments and self-study. The program caters for junior and senior students and is structured to accommodate the requirements of home schooled players between the ages of 10 and 18.

Primary Track

The primary objective when engaging with this group of learners is to prepare their skills and understanding of each core subject – English, Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences – to a level where they can aspire to any high school level program, independent of the level of difficulty.

Senior Program

The primary aim of the Senior Program is to prepare our players to qualify for a full tennis scholarship at a USA National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCCA) college or an International or South African University of their choice.  Our educators are there to advise them and their families of the various pathways, and guide them in their choices based on their strengths, interests and career plans.

In order for a player to be offered a full tennis scholarship at a USA NCCA college they need to have achieved a General Certificate of Education (IGCSE) through Cambridge or a National Seniors Certificate (NSC) or its equivalent.

The Academic Learning Program works alongside the High Performance Development Program to give our beneficiaries a chance to be champions on and off the court.

A contribution of R34 800 (R2 900/month) will help to support 1 learner for a year.

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