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What is MATCH?

Developing world class tennis talent requires years of professional coaching, physical training and opportunities to compete in local and international tennis tournaments. The costs involved are significant and prevent many gifted South Africans from reaching their potential as professional tennis players.

Through MATCH’s relationship with the Anthony Harris Tennis Academy, players gain access to a world class program delivered by professional coaches and trainers in a healthy and all-inclusive environment. They are also supported with the cost of participating in local and international tournaments and have access to an education program tailor-made for young sportsmen and women.

MATCH is a registered Trust and Public Benefit Organisation with Level 1 B-BEE accreditation. It is exempt from tax and duties and its Academic Learning Program is approved in terms of section 18A of the Income Tax Act.


Wendy Fisher – The Kirsh Foundation


  • Anthula Markovitz
  • Brandon Shainfeld
  • Hilton Datnow
  • Jeffrey Closenberg
  • Peter Hodes

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